About Us

I live in a small, northern Canadian  community on a rustic farm built with our own hands. On any given day you can find me cutting firewood or making sausage at the neighbor's butcher shop. One thing that I love is cooking! But one thing I don't have a lot of, is time. So I looked into a solution to have the ability to make meals quickly. 

That is when I got the idea to start a company that offers a handpicked selection of cool essential kitchen ware that work and save time! No need to sort through hundreds of kitchen gadgets online only to take a gamble and hope you made the right choice. Rather, browse through a handpicked list of kitchen ware and accessories that I have personally selected for your convenience. Choose your product knowing that you are getting a quality item at a great price! Add it to the cart, check out, and relax! Iron K Kitchen Ware is working hard to get your product shipped to your doorstep at lightning speed!